Library of Ben San Leprosy Camp 2016

Some pictures of the Ben San library which were taken on 03/09/2016.

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Two receipts of Publisher Kim Dong for the books that were bought for the Ben San Leprosy Camp on 23/8/2016. Sponsored by BBGV

list-a-receipt-of-publisher-kim-dong-for-books-of-bbgv-sponsored-2016 list-b-receipt-of-publisher-kim-dong-for-books-of-bbgv-sponsored-2016

The complete list of books which were bought for Ben San Library. Sponsored by BBGV

list-of-books-a-1 list-of-books-a-2 list-of-books-a-3 list-of-books-a-4 list-of-books-a-5 list-of-books-a-6 list-of-books-a-7 list-of-books-a-8 list-of-books-a-9 list-of-books-a-10 list-of-books-a-11 list-of-books-a-12 list-of-books-a-13 list-of-books-a-14 list-of-books-a-15 list-of-books-b-1 list-of-books-b-2 list-of-books-b-3 list-of-books-b-4 list-of-books-b-5

The receipt of the transferred money from Dat Viet Fund to the Publisher Kim Dong for buying the books for the Ben San Library.


List of Donors of Event 14
Pictures of COMPASSION EVENT 14 – 2016

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