Collecting and Spending of Dat Viet fund 2016

Collecting and Spending of Dat Viet Charity Fund 2016.


The amount of 125,000,000 VND, from the Consular Club came to Dat Viet account on 07/04/2016.


The amount of 83,744,640 VND from Leon Association came to Dat Viet account on 16/02/2016.



The amount of 93,800,000 VND of BBGV came to Dat Viet account on 29/06/2016.

The amount of 104,199,060 from Leon Association came to Dat Viet account on 25/07/2016.


The amount of 1,550,000 VND was transferred to BBGV as a donation to the Fun Run for Charity of BBVG 2015 on 29/09/2015 (including 1,050,000 VND from Dat Viet Fund and 500,000 VND from Mr. Jean Marc Mignot donation).



The amount of 24,000,000 VND was transferred from Dat Viet Fund to the association Gia Dinh Co Don through Mr. Dominique Broncard’s account on 27/06/2017 for GDCD scholarships program.


The amount of 13,799,730 VND was transferred from the Dat Viet Fund to the Publisher Kim Dong to pay for the books of the Ben San Library on 23/08/2016. The gift came from BBGV.


Dat Viet paid 250,000 VND for the domain and web management, for hosting the new website on 03/09/2016.





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